Hijri New Year holiday for Kuwait Public Holiday, iiQ8News

Hijri New Year holiday for Kuwait Public Holiday, iiQ8NewsiiQ8 : 20th August, 2019Kuwait to mark Islamic New Year on Saturday, Aug 31 Sunday, Sept 1 may announce a public holiday, waiting for cabinet approval. Public holiday on Muharram 1;No shifting of holidays Wednesday, August 28, 2019The Civil Service Commission said the new hejira year holiday will be on Muharram 1, be it on Saturday or Sunday.It said if Muharram 1 is on Sunday, Sept 1, then it will be a holiday, but if it falls on Saturday, Aug 31, then Saturday will be the day off and there will be no compensatory holiday for it.3 months visit visa for expats wives and children, Kuwait, iiq8newsHow to manage difficult subordinate at work , iiQ8 info, IndianInQ8A4 Kuwait Bus Route A4 Fahaheel to Avenues KuwaitBusA4 IndianInQ8 jobs 
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